Going for the Gold

By John Pollmann Rub two dry corn leaves together between your fingers and you get a subtle, scratching sound that could probably double as back-up percussion in a bluegrass band. Blow a prairie wind through the golden stalks, dry husks and leaves in a field of standing corn, though, and you have a good excuse for not hearing the first “take...

10 Farmland Deer Stands

When hunting agricultural areas, look to this list of 10 prime stand sites to find a productive base for your next setup.

Post-Rut Hunting Strategies

Deer behavior changes after the rut. So should your hunting strategy.

Public Secrets

By Tom Carpenter Pheasant hunters with unlimited access to private land generally fall into one of three broad categories: They’re either rich or fortunate ... or some of both. With enough money, it’s easy to pay for guided hunts or maybe even own or lease private hunting land. With enough luck — being born right or living in the same pheasant-rich...

The Art, Science and Voodoo of Blocking

By Andrew Johnson Four of us, all with Labs, kept pushing the half-mile-long strip of standing corn. We were heading west, the sun still high enough to where it warmed our faces even as the November air grew colder. The hunt started slow at first, but about halfway through the 24-row-wide strip a tight-holding rooster rocketed skyward over the head-high corn....

Making a Mallard Game Plan

By T.J. Hauck October is the special month when hoodies donning your favorite football team replace short-sleeved shirts, when shorts are traded in for a comfy pair of jeans and when pumpkin spice fills the air in every department store. You might notice all these things, but you’re a waterfowl hunter, and your mind is in a different place. October means it’s...

Rooster Revisions

By Dennis Foster Pheasant hunting is a pretty simple sport. For the most part, all you really need to do is find an area with good habitat that will hold birds and have enough ambition to get out and stretch your legs. However, somewhere in that seemingly simple process, the human element becomes involved and screws things up. Every year I...

Fishing for Big Fall Walleyes

By Jason Mitchell The late open-water period during fall is a coveted season for many anglers looking to target a trophy-class fish. In addition to the fact females are bulking up with egg mass, fishing during the fall typically offers some of the best fishing of the entire season. There are several prominent patterns that set up during the fall. While...

Wild Game Year

This series of wild-game recipes is designed to enhance the table-fare options for hunters in the Dakotas. Recipes include everything from fish tacos to teal sous vide to venison osso buco.

Pheasants: Down, but Not Out

Even in lean times there are ample opportunities to shoot pheasants in South Dakota, and for the hunter who is willing to hunt harder and smarter, this could turn out to be a season to remember. Here are four tips on how to make it happen.